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Friday, June 8, 2007

Intellinav One Portable GPS Navigation System

This is Intellinav One Portable GPS Navigation System review from customer:

I was somewhat hesitant in the past to buy in into the whole "GPS in your car" idea. I figured, why pay for a GPS gadget when I can just go online to Google Maps, Mapquest, Yahoo Maps and download/print the information. Besides, I found the retail price for a Garmin or Magellan GPS to be totally outrageous. For the price of a good Magellan GPS, I could already fund an entire weekend vacation. Also, I don't think I can pay attention to the road while trying to figure out what the GPS is telling me. So I did a bit of research and I found the Intellinav One. I liked the features and the price seems reasonable enough. PC Magazine gave it a good review and only had a negative comment about its multimedia capabilities. I don't really care about the multimedia stuff because that's what I have my iPod for. The biggest selling point for me was the Text to Speech function which also tells me the exact street names. I found this feature to be very helpful. If the GPS told me "Turn right in 2000 feet", that doesn't mean anything to me. However, the Intellinav will tell me, "Turn right in 2000 feet on Forsyth Blvd." Then I can anticipate the turn. I've had this GPS unit for about a week now and I totally love it. Even with destinations I'm already familiar with, I would use this to make sure that I'm taking the most direct and quickest route. Hence, in a way, it also helps me to save on gas.

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