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Friday, June 29, 2007

Mini-S3 Bluetooth GPS Receiver from EMTAC

Want to receive GPS data wirelessly via Bluetooth? Check this small portable device from Emtac. At almost a third smaller than previous models, the mini-S3 packs in a ton of features

The mini-S3 is powered by the SiRFstarIII chipset for fast acquisition times and the ability to receive a GPS fix, even in tough conditions. Its superior sensitivity has the ability to trace signals from 20 geo-synchronous satellites simultaneously while updating information from the satellites once every second.

So easy to use it because the mini-S3 is compatible with nearly any GPS mapping software available. Lithium-Ion battery allows for eight hours of continuous use, saving your PDA or Laptop's battery. Easily powered and recharged by the included home & car chargers. Just plug your charger via mini-USB.

Emtac have a good pricing and performing Bluetooth GPS. Perfect for hiking, biking, or vehicle navigation.


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