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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Navman PiN 570 Pocket PC with GPS, Your Daily Partner

Navman released Personal Interactive Navigation, PiN 570. It will be your daily gadget that helping to organize your activities.

The unit's GPS navigation system will guide you with 3-D door-to-door maps and voice directions. You'll also get the convenience of area avoidance--if traffic is bad, you can tell the unit to automatically change your route and keep you moving.

Powered by Navman's SmartST 2005 software. It also comes complete with North American maps, including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Guam, on CD-ROM, so you can easily download your preferred region to an included SecureDigital (SD) Card.

This is Navman PiN 570 Pocket PC review from customer:

The GPS functions work pretty well. The software for the PC is quite good. You can load maps to main memory and/or the SD card (your choice per map). You get a lot of control with reasonable ease of use. The US maps seem pretty good (but not up-to-date with the very latest street changes).

It's priced VERY attractively. Consider that you're getting a fully-functional PDA (with MP3 playback, games you can download, etc.) AND a GPS device with a 3.5" color touch-screen.


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