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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It is Pyxis, Your Sporty GPS

Wrist watch type GPS has launched by Westech Korea. The GPS watch is called Pyxis, Leisure Sports GPS. By the way, it gives contribution in GPS market product competition.

This gadget will be accompany you in every daily activities. Various outdoor exercise courses such as walking, running, bicycle, in-line skates, mountain climbing, golf, ski, and driving can be tracked and stored into its databases.

Check the courses you go and set an exercise schedule in advance. The GPS watch displays your exercising information like elapsed time, speed, distance and consumed calories while you exercise. The exercise details on each lap can be saved up to 2,000 showing your max speed per lap and update of the course information is also available.

Another functions, you can also use it for indoor exercises, monitoring your consumed calories. Then, when you driving on the road, you can set as car navigation.

If you are fashion stylist, you can combine with sporty or casual style. Just feel free to express yourself with this gadget.


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