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Monday, December 17, 2007

Who is the GPS Businessman of the Year ?

The navigation and location-based services market growing fast till this time. We know that there are many personalities have strongly influenced the GPS market world. Who are they ?

GPS Business News selected the role of ten personalities to be voted by their readers. Some of them are very well known, some are more in the shadow, but their influence or their successes are not any smaller.

There are 10 nominates and GPS Business News listed name of them :

  1. Kanwar Chadha (owner & VP of Marketing at SiRF)
  2. Nelson Chan (CEO, Magellan)
  3. Alain De Taeye (CEO, Tele Atlas)
  4. Walt Doyle (CEO, uLocate)
  5. Harold Goddijn (CEO, TomTom)
  6. Michael Halbherr (Head of location based-experience, Nokia)
  7. Bryan Mistele (CEO, INRIX)
  8. Leon van de Pas (CEO, Nav N Go)
  9. Thomas Seiler (CEO, u-blox)
  10. Rakesh Verma (Managing Director, MapmyIndia)

Who is the GPS businessman of the year, you can cast your ballot now on GPS Business News before December 20.


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